Endurance Training. Science and Practice.

Endurance Training – Science and Practice (hard cover, 328 pages)

· Table of Contents
· Foreword by Martin Fiz
· Preface by Inigo Mujika

Endurance Training – Science and Practice is an up-to-date comprehensive guide for exercise and sport scientists, students, coaches and athletes who want to know all the intricacies of preparing for and adapting to endurance activity. Presented in a clear style and format, this book provides a broad base of knowledge and serves as an in-depth resource for anyone involved in research and practice of endurance sports, the fitness industry or health promotion.

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of 55 international contributors who are recognized worldwide as leaders in their respective fields, this book covers all the scientific and practical aspects of endurance training and performance: the physiological determinants of endurance capacity; the adaptations that endurance training induces in the major systems in the body; training design to optimize endurance performance and avoid undesired outcomes such as detraining and overtraining; nutritional and psychological recommendations for optimal endurance training and racing; advice on working with young endurance athletes; dealing with stressful environmental conditions; and medical issues related to endurance training and competition.

The systematic approach followed in Endurance Training – Science and Practice makes this book invaluable to all athletes, coaches, researchers and practitioners involved in endurance training.


Endurance Training – Science and Practice (hard cover, 328 pages)
· Table of Contents
· Foreword by Martin Fiz
· Preface by Inigo Mujika



  1. Somos libreros en MAdrid y nos hace falta un ejemplar de tu libro ENDURANCE TRAINING. ¿Como lo puedo conseguir con el descuento para libreros?

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  2. Hola David, la tarifa para ejemplares sueltos es la misma para librerías, instituciones y particulares

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    Good night Dr. Inigo Mujika, I am a student of physical education at the University Gama Filho – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil and will be the 17th Annual Congress of the ECSS in Bruges. I would buy his book: Endurance Training – Science and Practice. Your book will be sold at the congress?

    June 26, 2012
  4. Hi Allan. I will not attend the ECSS conference because of Olympic preparations, and the book will not be for sale at the conference. If you are interested, you will have to buy it through this site, and I can post it to wherever you would like to receive it.

    June 26, 2012
  5. Hi Dr. Inigo Mujika! We have ebook optiom for Endurance Training – Science and Practice? Thanks!

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  6. Hi Marcelo. There is no e-book version of Endurance Training – Science and Practice, only the hard cover paper version.

    October 28, 2012
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    I would like to know, that you have any training using the Metronome expecially in middle distance for an athletics

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    Dear Inigo,

    I am buying 2 copies of the book for the Uni library, but wondered if there are any plans in the near future to make it available as an e-book?

    Ann Jones

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  10. Hi Nancy, I sent you an e-mail to help you out with this. I hope you got it…

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  11. Hello Ann, I got back to you through e-mail. I hope it reached you.

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    Would love to purchase your book for my school’s athletics department – are there by chance discounts for school purchases?

    Thanks for what looks like a great resource for coaches.

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    Perhaps my math is wrong, but am I reading the price of this book correctly? Is it a textbook or something?

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    Salut mon professeur

    je me demande des informations des mesures anthropométrique et physiologique des meilleurs coureurs a pieds de monde

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  18. I just want to make that an English version is available.

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  19. I just want to make sure that an English version is available

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  22. Hi Terry. The book is only availabe in English and hardcopy.

    November 22, 2019
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    Dear coach,
    We met at the S2P2 conference in Montreal , QC last month.
    Unfortunately, there were not enough copies of your Endurance Training book for me to get one.

    I would like to get two(2) copies of this latest edition and have them mailed to me in Ontario, Canada.
    What would the cost for the two copies and the cost of the shipping for me.

    KEN Royds

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  25. Will the book be available again as I cant buy an english edition anywhere – are you going to have a pdf version – I dont really want the infographic version really.

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