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Elementary Anatomy and Physiology (VIII). Sleep

By Iñigo Mujika , el 28 de May de 2015

Sleeping wine (Photo: Inigo Mujika)


I have written about sleep before. In my June 2011 blogpost Sleep, the key to recovery and training adaptation I mentioned the negative impact of insufficient sleep on recovery, training adaptation and competition performance. I also provided some practical tips to promote athletes’ sleep quantity and/or quantity.

This time I just want to share some fascinating texts about sleep that were published 155 years ago (Hitchcock & Hitchcock. Elementary Anatomy and Physiology for Colleges, Academies and Other Schools, 1860). Please note the horrible passing reference to Native Americans being tortured at the stake…


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Lost interview on periodization for triathlon

By Iñigo Mujika , el 11 de May de 2015

Eneko Llanos, Ainhoa Murua, Inigo Mujika and Hektor Llanos.

What follows is an interview that I did a few months ago for a triathlon magazine but never got published, except for a few extracts here and there within an article.

What are the limitations of a traditional periodization model (base, build…) for a triathlete racing five to 10 times per season?

A major limitation of a traditional periodization model is its inability to produce multiple performance peaks over the season. Although this may not be a big problem for a long-distance triathlete taking part in two or three major events in the season, it is clearly a handicap for an elite Olympic distance triathlete needing to perform repeatedly at the World Triathlon Series. In addition, such mixed training programmes may induce excessive fatigue, conflicting training responses and stagnation of improvement rate.

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