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Lecture at INSEP in Paris

By Iñigo Mujika , el 27 de November de 2013

On the 7th of October I gave a keynote lecture at INSEP (National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) in Paris entitled “Planning for Rio 2016: Long- and Short-Term Periodization Issues”.

As you can see, the lecture is in French and the slides are in English. I gave this lecture during a conference entitled “Training Periodization: Deep-Root Cultural Heritage and Innovative Paradigms”. If you are interested in this topic, you can read the conference program in pdf and watch the videos of all the other lectures and presentations.

Elementary Anatomy and Physiology (VI). The value of exercise

By Iñigo Mujika , el 4 de November de 2013

Images from Hitchcock and Hitchcock´ book.

The following extracts from Hitchcock & Hitchcock’ 1860 book Elementary Anatomy and Physiology for Colleges, Academies and Other Schools, which I wrote about several times before, are so good and pertinent 153 years later that I could not resist the urge to post them here.

As you will see, no comments are really needed…

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