Aerogenerator. Photo: Iñigo Mujika

Foto: Iñigo Mujika

This is the title of my latest editorial for the September 2013 issue of the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance. The Q in the title refers to “quantification”. In the editorial, I emphasize the importance of a precise and reliable quantifiaction of the training loads to analyze and establish causal relationships between the training performed by an athlete or a group of athletes and the resultant physiological and performance adaptations. In the blogpost about my previous editorial, “Too Young to Vote, Old Enough to Be an Olympic Champion”, I highlighted the first few lines; this time I am displaying the last two paragraphs:

“As a reviewer, I recently recommended rejection of a submitted manuscript because I considered the lack of a precise description of the training contents, in terms of volume, intensity, and frequency before and during the training intervention, a fatal limitation of the study. Precise information about training quantification is absolutely necessary, as manipulation of a training program is the basis of many studies in our field. A training study is basically useless without this information.


From this Associate Editor’s point of view, the most important information for a study on training manipulation is the information about training (ie, training quantification). Without precise, thorough, and in-depth information about training, the findings of a training study are of very little or no value. Authors submitting their research papers to the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance and reviewers evaluating those papers are strongly encouraged not to neglect the importance of training quantification. As stated in the title of this editorial, the alphabet of sport science research starts with Q for quantification.”

You can read the full editorial here.


Mujika, I. The Alphabet of Sport Science Research Starts With Q. Int. J. Sports Physiol. Perform. 8 (5): 465-466, 2013.

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