In the past few weeks you have heard me say again and again that doping has no place in the new cycling, that sport without doping is not a utopia, etc.

Unfortunately, there are still some who do not seem to understand that that game is over, that it is not possible to continue to play with the credibility of sport, athletes and those of us who try in a clean and honest way to help them give the best of themselves in training and competition.

It hurts me to be in the need to inform you that one of the riders hired by the Euskaltel Euskadi team this season is one of these characters who don’t understand what we are talking about. While he had the dignity to admit that the decision to dope was exclusively his own the damage inflicted on those of us who are part of this team (riders, technical and support staff, sponsors, etc.) is irreparable.

Press release from the team.

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One comment

  1. Karim Chamari

    Don’t worry Inigo.. all of us know YOU very well.. and the things done by somebody else does not belong to you.. even if you belong to the same ”wide team”
    Please keep on doing your best.. as you ever did…
    thanks for all we learned from you !

    April 7, 2013