Oslo Fiord at dusk (Photo: Inigo Mujika)

Oslo Fiord at dusk (Photo: Inigo Mujika)

I just returned from the 8th International Conference on Strength Training, which was held in Oslo, under the auspices of the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. The level of the conference has been quite high, with prestigious invited speakers from around the world sharing their knowledge both from a scientific prespective and a practical point of view. If you are interested in the topics that have been treated in the conference, you can access the book of abstracts containing all the materials presented in Oslo.

I participated as an invited speaker (see page 17 of the book of abstracts) with a lecture entitled “Strength training in endurance sports: pros and cons” (abstract in pages 57-58). And also as a co-author of a poster entitled “Effects of training cessation on muscular performance: a meta-analysis”, in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Poitiers in France and the University of Montreal in Canada (abstract in page 189).

In addition, I had the opportunity to catch up again with good friends, to meet colleagues with whom I could collaborate in the future, and to visit again the great city of Oslo. Conferences are also good for that.

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