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Athletes and coaches on a mission

By Iñigo Mujika , el 20 de February de 2012

Sunset in Sierra Nevada (Photo: Inigo Mujika)

I just returned from an altitude swim camp with the Spanish team at the Sierra Nevada High Performance Center. It is a perfect setting for this type of training camp: a place where athletes and coaches can focus on the task at hand and work without interference in their quest for an Olympic goal that is getting closer and closer.

These camps are often characterized by long training days including several dryland and pool sessions. Here is an example of a typical day for an elite swimmer:

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Block periodization and polarized training: a new challenge for coaches (II)

By Iñigo Mujika , el 9 de February de 2012

Eneko Llanos, Ican Mallorca Triathlon 2011. (Photo: Inigo Mujika)

In the second part of the article published in the magazine Trisense I describe the main characteristics of block periodization and polarized training. You can read the first part of the article here.

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