Joseba Beloki

Joseba Beloki (Photo: Ckoelma. Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

Joseba Beloki is without a doubt one of the major references of professional road cycling of the early years of the XXI century. Joseba was able to compete head to head with the great Lance Armstrong in three consecutive Tour de France, finishing third in 2000 and 2001, and second in 2002. That same year he was also third in the Vuelta a España, race in which we wore the leader jersey for three days the year before. In addition, Joseba’s record includes prestigious victories such as the Vuelta a Asturias in 2000 and the Vuelta a Catalunya in 2001. Nowadays, Joseba writes for cycling magazines, collaborates as a radio commentator during cycling races and has created his own carbon 3G bicycle company: Cosmos. But Joseba is above all an athlete. We can see him training any day alongside a world marathon legend like Martín Fiz in the parks of Vitoria-Gasteiz or riding on the roads of the Basque Country. Last Sunday for instance he took part in the Berlin Marathon, where he finished in a time of 2:47:33.

Joseba has plenty to say about the world of elite sports, and he is ready to respond to the questions of the readers of this blog. You can thus send your questions to Joseba Beloki through the comments section of the blog before october 23rd, and I will forward them to him before publishing them along with his answers.

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