Forbes Carlile, australian swimming coach

Forbes Carlile, australian swimming coach. (Photo: author unknown, public domain).

I just found out that the great Forbes Carlile, a legendary swimming coach from Australia published a review on my book Tapering and Peaking for Optimal Performance last year. The book review can be found on page 5 of this document:

Here are some selected sentences from Carlile’s review:

  • “With this comprehensive scientific and practical exposition of the taper in some 208 pages, Dr. Mujika has produced the first book on the subject.”
  • “Mujika, the scientist, goes much further than reporting concepts. He is interested in seeking reliable knowledge established in peer-reviewed articles. It is in this that much of the value of Mujika’s work lies.”
  • “He then translates the findings of his research into practical advice embracing a number of sports.”
  • “Athletes and coaches will find much in Mujika’s clearly-expressed advice to set them thinking.”
  • “With its focus on experimental evidence, Mujika’s work is a very valuable contribution to knowledge concerning the optimisation of human performance. It could result in many revising their ideas about the taper.”

For those of you who may not know who Forbes Carlile is, I recommend this link: He turned 90 a month ago (happy Birthday Mr. Carlile!), but he is still going strong and keeps spreading his passion for swimming:

To finish off, I will mention that I always quote Forbes Carlile when I lecture on the contribution of sport science to high performance sport: “The training of athletes for strenuous physical activity today is much an art and less of a science”.

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