World Book of Swimming: From Science to PerformanceBack in 2002 I made a first attempt at editing a book on applied swimming science, with contributions from the world’s best experts in all areas relevant to swimming performance. The project looked great, but the publisher I submitted it to did not show much interest as the book could harm the sales of another book they had just put in the market. A few weeks after the project was rejected my life made a major turn that took me to the Australian Institute of Sport for two years, and I was way too busy there to push the project forward, so I forgot about it.

Fortunately, my colleagues (and friends) Ludovic Seifert and Didier Chollet of the University of Rouen, France, were more persistent than me, and asked for my permision to relaunch the project a couple of years ago. Of course, I could only say yes, and after many months of hard work by Ludovic, Didier (merci Ludo, merci Didier!), myself, and all the experts contributing to the book (thank you all!), it is now ready to hit the shelves (and the pool decks).

The book gathers the most up-to-date information on swimming science, but also translates that information to a simple language for the improvement of coaching and training practice in swimming. In other words, the book bridges the gap between research and coaching, between theory and practice. You can find more information on the book contents, contributors and purchase:

World Book of Swimming: From Science to Performance

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