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Precompetition taper and nutritional strategies: special reference to training during Ramadan intermittent fast

By Iñigo Mujika , el 29 de June de 2010

Mujika I, Chaouachi A, Chamari K.

British Journal of Sports Medicine. 2010 Jun;44(7):495-501.

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Long distance triathlon and sports sciences

By Iñigo Mujika , el 14 de June de 2010

Start of Zarautz Triathlon (photo: Iñigo Mujika).

Since the “invention” of triathlon in the second half of the 1970’s to our days, the growth, internationalization and popular interest for the sport have markedly increased. Researchers in the Sports Sciences have not been spared from the “triathlon fever”, and have tried to contribute to the advancement of the sport through studies allowing a better understanding of its physiological and biomechanical demands, as well as its medical implications or the most appropriate training methods. An analysis of the number of scientific publications on triathlon since 1984 (year of the first publication) until today indicates the implication of Sports Sciences with the sport; indeed, about 30 investigations on triathlon per year are published nowadays.

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INTERVIEWS WITH THE ELITE – Victoria Pendleton: “I am always looking to the next goal and how I am going to do it better, faster or more efficiently than the last one”

By Iñigo Mujika , el 5 de June de 2010

Cyclist Victoria Pendleton, on the olimpic track in Beijing

What part of what you have achieved can be attributed to your natural ability, how much to hard work and how much to the contribution of those around you?

I have no idea how much of what I have achieved is down to natural ability. I was talent spotted when cycling as a hobby at 16, I had no intention of pursuing it as a career. I am someone who likes to do anything well so I work as hard as I can as I hate mediocrity. I am however very fortunate to be in a sport and specifically a team where they invest time, effort and money in innovation, to optimise all areas of performances, giving me the best advice and facilities to complete my training regime.

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