Optimizing strength training for running and cycling endurance performance: A review

Por Iñigo Mujika , el 13 agosto 2013

Rønnestad BR, Mujika I.

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports. 2013 Aug 5. doi: 10.1111/sms.12104.

Here we report on the effect of combining endurance training with heavy or explosive strength training on endurance performance in endurance-trained runners and cyclists. Running economy is improved by performing combined endurance training with either heavy or explosive strength training. However, heavy strength training is recommended for improving cycling economy. Equivocal findings exist regarding the effects on power output or velocity at the lactate threshold. Concurrent endurance and heavy strength training can increase running speed and power output at VO2max (Vmax and Wmax , respectively) or time to exhaustion at Vmax and Wmax. Combining endurance training with either explosive or heavy strength training can improve running performance, while there is most compelling evidence of an additive effect on cycling performance when heavy strength training is used. It is suggested that the improved endurance performance may relate to delayed activation of less efficient type II fibers, improved neuromuscular efficiency, conversion of fast-twitch type IIX fibers into more fatigue-resistant type IIA fibers, or improved musculo-tendinous stiffness.

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  1. Hi Inigo, I am very interested to read your review of strength performance with particular reference to cycling. I am a strength & conditioning professional in the UK with a great interest in power based training for cycling using power meters and the benefits that strength / power resistance training may have for endurance distances. If it would be at all possible to email me a pdf of your paper I would be very grateful. My email address is andy.smith@as-sc.co.uk
    Thankyou, Andy Smith

    noviembre 20, 2013
  2. Patricio

    Hola Iñigo, estoy realizando una investigación con ciclistas y me serviría de mucho tener acceso a la lectura completa de esta investigación. ¿Existe la posibilidad de que lo puedas compartir a mi correo?. Desde ya muchas gracias. Saludos cordiales.


    enero 20, 2014